Three Worlds, Two Cultures.... One Destiny

Lovers of Hawaii, lovers of life, get ready to come face to face with your greatest expectations in The KONA DIARIES NOVEL, A sweet side of life-never revealed before now!

Inspired by real life testimony and research, the Kona Diaries novel will take you inside a lost Hawaii that few have known. This is done with an epic story of love and struggle set in the 1930s through mid-1960s at last developed for a wider audience.

The story follows signposts left by a courageous and wild minded young woman who dared to leave all of her accomplishments on the mainland USA behind to become part of new life on Hawaii’s “Big Island”.

Plan to escape to the heart of Paradise with Kona Diaries. Plan to give love a chance to fill your heart and spirit.

And now, finally! – Tom and Andrew are working to bring the Kona Diaries project to a conclusion.

Keep checking back – specifically using the EXCERPTS and PHOTO GALLERY tabs.

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